Jae Green

Jae Green is a poet, performance artist, women and  children's health-worker, mother and cancer survivor formerly from the South Side of Chicago. She is the daughter of Joe Green who was an artist and journeyman.
She attended several local parochial schools including the pro-Black and educationally controversial Holy Angels.
Her career as poet and performer began at Estelle's during her Freshman year when she joined in on an open-mic while still technically underaged.
Since then she has performed or hosted at such diverse venues as
Art Against AIDS, The Green Mill, Weeds, Fitzgerald's,Club Lower Links, Lollapalooza ‘94, Around The Coyote, Randolph Street Gallery, Bomb the Suburbs, Womanmade Gallery, The Chicago Poetry Fest, Women in Verse, and The Big Goddess Powwow.
Her poetry has been featured in Smithsonian Magazine, The Chicago Reader, Strong Coffee, LetterX, Tia Chucha Press’ Open Fist and Reclaiming the Heartland: Gay and Lesbian Voices from the Midwest.
She has participated in many fundraisers for a variety of art and women's organizations including the Women's Action Coalition and The Guild Complex.
   "Jae Green is powerful, speaking with a sweet lilt to her clear, controlled, resonant voice...The poems she read were sophisticated and carefully crafted and ranged from love,politics, abortion,and the Holocaust"-The Chicago Reader

From here, Jae served as the narrator and emcee... Throughout Jae's voice was confident, smooth, and unrushed, even as her narration turned swiftly, allowing humor and gravity to collide and co-exist.

-Marya Spoont Lemus

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